Hometown Heroes wants to recognize the unique community leaders, and together in a collaborative way, help disadvantaged children in low-income communities by introducing positive role models and reducing crime. The collective effort of Hometown Heroes United in Las Vegas resulted in reducing violent crime with a record 75% in the most dangerous neighborhood in Las Vegas; Sierra Oeste, giving the children living there a safer environment.

The basis for Christian Schoyen’s project was the Hometown Heroes which was a key component of his 21 field day Heroes United project, taking place over two years (2012-2014) with the ultimate goal of creating a blue print for how to improve the conditions for children in low-income communities. Nevada and in Las Vegas (Ref. Kids Count Data Center) have the worst conditions for children in America as well as the many studies such as the famous Baltimore project which followed close to 800 children over 25 years where few if any made it concluded by sociologist Karl Alexander that “Where you start in life is where you end up in life”. This bleak future of little or no hope for children in low-income communities triggered Christian to undertake the mission to prove that the impossible was actually possible despite what everyone else said.  Two year project and travel to Las Vegas with the one goal of undertaking the 4-phase, 21 field day project, which was created around Hometown Heroes. His social experiment was conducted to prove that the impossible is actually possible and despite all the bleak statistics for the low income communities and the children living in low income communities there can be given a new and better future if we all work together. His goal was next that other struggling communities would duplicate the blue print had created to help the 15 million children in low-income USA. Hard copies of his book Change your Life Change the World, which is an important component of his blue print was freely distributed to all the residents in the neighbourhood of Sierra Oeste. Both this book as well as Christians award winning Vegas Vikings documentary presenting the replicable blue print are both made freely available through his continuous work in helping the children in the struggling low income communities. The film and book have been seen and read by a rapidly growing number, which currently stands at over 50,000 people.

The four-phase Heroes United  project was first presented by Christian Schoyen and Nils Rasmussen at the World Future Society’s Conference in Vancouver, Canada in July, 2011 with the key theme for succeeding being collaboration and with the four phases consisting of:

(RJ article, the Viking Day, TV)
Identify and recognize the unique hometown heroes/community leaders (RJ article)
Honor and unite the community leaders/hometown heroes identified
The Hometown Heroes together in a collaborative effort take on a local project that would improve the living conditions for children in low-income communities (RJ article – Kick off / RJ article – Conclusion)

The main and finale phase (#4), became the Sierra Oeste project, Hometown Heroes United (also called Heroes United) was next formed in December of 2013 by Project Director Christian Schoyen, LVMPD (Lt John Pelletier and Capt Chris Tomaino), Julie Murray and other key Hometown Heroes. Starting with just a handful of people the group grew to include the entire community, including the Vegas Viking Lodge Sons of the Sons of Norway. Implementation of successful measures and with its pro-active approach, Heroes United succeeded to revamp the entire community, and achieving a record 75% reduction in violent crime. For members of Heroes United go to Fixing Sierra Oeste page.

In addition to all the unique partners of the project, who where all key in the great success achieved, local mass media also played a very important part by their extensive coverage, which helped gaining awareness about the project as well as the necessary support. These television channels included NBC (Channel 8), Fox (Channel 5), ABC (Channel 13), Telemundo (Channel 39) and KCLV (Channel 2) which aired from the project over 280 times during the 2 year time period, this including the airings for the Hometown Heroes TV Show.

Creating Legends

Project achieved 75% crime reduction