Inspired by the Pay it forward movie/movement, it was decided to use the same basic idea to reach out to as many as possible, with each person who supports the Hometown Heroes’ initiative of helping children in poverty in Las Vegas and in the rest of America, being asked to pass pass the free “life manual”; Change Your Life Change the World and the documentary: Vegas Vegas Vikings – the 21 day challenge to change the world, to the next person. In the Sierra Oeste project, which resulted in a complete turn around, including a 75% crime reduction, all the residents received their free hard copy of the life manual. By first re-educating the adults, the knowledge can be passed on to their children. As Carl Jung, “the father of modern psychology” once said; ” If there is anything that we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.”

Everyone deserves a second chance at life and has the ability if reached at young age (0-12 years old) to improve their circumstances if they are given the correct information/ education and have a positive, nurturing and prosperous environment with to support them every step on the way.

It’s only by a collective effort we can eradicate one of our biggest problems as well as do what is right by not leaving any child behind. The hope is that with the blue-print presented in the award winning documentary and with this educational life manual that others will copy what was done. The project in Nevada shows that it is fully possible to turn around both all the struggling communities of both Las Vegas and the rest of country if the right measures are taken and by everyone working together.  Both this book and film by Christian Schoyen was created on pro-bono basis, with the end goal that as many as possible of the 15 million children in low income America would receive a new chance at life.

Free Life Manual

Project achieved 75% crime reduction
Creating Legends