The blue print for how Heroes United succeeded to revamp the most dangerous community in Las Vegas; Sierra Oeste and achieve a record 75% reduction in violent crime is presented in the feature documentary Vegas Vikings by Christian Schoyen. The entire project from start to finish, with each step, this including all four phases of the 21 day project, to help children in low income communities is documented.

The goal is now that other struggling communities throughout Nevada and the US will duplicate the blue print used to achieve the great success in Sierra Oeste.

Schoyens film won “Best Nevada Film” at the Nevada International Film Festival, the Golden Palm Award for best feature documentary at the Mexican International Film Festival,  plus won the “Gold Kahuna Award” for best documentary at Honolulu Film Awards as well as won “Best documentary” at Miami Independent Film Festival . Vegas Vikings has also been been nominated for the best documentary award at the prestigious Cayman Island International Film Festival, received three nominations at the St.Tropez International Film Festival in France for best documentary and nominated at International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in Milano for the best feature documentary award.

Creating Legends

Project achieved 75% crime reduction